Mobile Marketing

Managed Mobile Marketing

SMS/Text Messaging is one of the most effective marketing tools available. The response rate for text messages can be as high as 40% - much greater than other advertising media.

RSD Mobile can now offer managed mobile marketing campaigns at competitive rates. For more information, please contact us with some details of what you hope to achieve.

SMS "Spam"

The downside of mobile marketing via text messaging is that there is currently significant (justified) public concern about fraudulent premium SMS messages - usually sent unsolicited. In addition, the information provider must be careful how such campaigns are run - in particular the mobile phone user must be able to easily opt-out from receiving messages.

As part of our managed service, we provide a virtual mobile number that phone users can text with an "unreg CompanyX" message. Upon receipt of this message our system automatically marks them as opted-out, and no more text messages are sent to their mobile number on behalf of CompanyX. 

As a consequence of spam and legal concerns, there are certain restrictions associated with our managed service:

  • We cannot deliver campaigns where the mobile user is expected to text back to a number in order to benefit from the information. 
  • The number of characters available for your message is 100 - the remainder is used to provide opt-out information, e.g. Optout: send "unreg CompanyX" to 07777123456 or call 01567 123456
  • We cannot deliver campaigns with adult content, gambling, "free prizes" or similar content.





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