CommuniText™ for Microsoft® Outlook®: Pro Version

  CommuniText™ for Outlook™ Pro Version includes the following additional functionality over the standard version: 

  • 2-way SMS, with incoming messages routed through a "virtual" mobile number.

  • Ability to operate through a proxy server.

  • Links to MS Exchange™ address containers.

Incoming SMS

Routing of incoming SMS messages is determined by the sender's mobile phone number. When you purchase the Pro version you can register up to 10 sender mobile numbers. This means that all messages sent to the virtual number from these mobile phones will be routed to your account. Additional numbers can be registered at additional cost (see the on-line shop). 

Dedicated Numbers

Dedicated virtual numbers will be available in the near future, and will require a monthly rental charge. With a dedicated number there is no need to register user's mobile phone numbers: all incoming SMS to your dedicated number will be routed to your account.


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